Car rental with driver for transporting disabled or aged passengers

MGA Limousine Moves uses vehicles, minibuses, buses with 40-50-60 places and Gran Turismo buses equipped with all the comforts: TV, minibar, air conditioning, toilet, reclining seats.

The network for the hire of specifically equipped vehicles allows you to organize the transportation of disabled passengers to all the main Italian cities.

Shuttle service dedicated to companies for the transportation of passengers with disabilities

A shuttle service for home-work transportation of employees in protected categories

The shuttle service is dedicated to easing the movements of people with disabilities of any type, to the company and home.

The vehicles are equipped with lifting platforms or a slide, with a side entrance and with safety devices for fixing of wheel chairs.

MGA Limousine Moves’s qualified staff is always reliable and takes great care to ensure passengers have a comfortable and safe trip.

Rent of vehicles with driver for the aged and passengers with disabilities

With MGA Limousine Moves you can organize trips on motor vehicles equipped with lifting platform, side entrance and safety gadgets for wheelchairs.

The transport service for passengers with disabilities and aged passengers allows the easing of transfers to airports, railway stations, ports, hotels, hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation centres and medical clinics.

Thanks to all the comforts of MGA Limousine Moves’s vehicles, travelling on pilgrimages, trips and tours can also be a pleasant and safe experience!