The prices of the hire services with driver include fuel and highway tolls in Italy, while they do not include any highway tolls outside the country, the costs of ferries, tunnels and parking, complementary services, entry into historic city centres and Limited Traffic Areas when requested.

For direct (non-stop) transfers outside cities the price is calculated on a cost per kilometre.

Any extension of the hire and/or request for additional services not booked must be agreed with the Booking Office at the number +39 02 61359630.

All quotations and requests other than those that can be purchased and/or booked must be requested directly at the email address booking@mgacarservice.it or via telephone to out Booking Office at the number +39 02 61359630.

Any extension of the hire and/or request for additional services not booked must be agreed with the Booking Office.

Holiday service: A surcharge of 50% of the ordinary fee is automatically applied to holidays as per the calendar: Christmas, August 18th, New Year, etc)

Night (from 10.00pm to 6.00am) or Sunday service:  A surcharge of 20% of the ordinary fee is automatically applied

On specific request, divers with knowledge of English are available; the surcharge for this service will be calculated separately and must be paid with the methods of payments outlined in the METHODS OF PAYMENT.

The driver will meet the clients with a sign showing the client’s name or that of the company:

  •      at the airport: at the passenger exit of the arrival lounge after Customs;
  •      at the railway station: at the place agreed with the booking office or specified in the request;
  •      at the port: at the quay where passenger disembarkation is planned;
  •      in city: at the place specifically indicated in the online request or agreed with the booking office.

MGA Limousine Moves collaborates with other hire with driver companies that maintain the same quality and efficiency of service and can use these companies for performing the services whenever it considers it necessary.

The only method of payment foreseen is by credit card for bookings carried out directly with the Booking Office. Once confirmation has been received, in agreement with the Booking Office the following methods of payment can also be used:

  •      Payment must be made at the moment of booking of the service via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or bank transfer.
  •      If the booking is made less than three days before the arrival of the client only credit card payments will be accepted.
  •      Prior authorization for a credit card payment will be required for any extras (hours, mileage, meals, parking, etc.) that will be paid at the end of the service.
  •      Bank transfer

to be carried out at least 6 days before the requested services with currency prior to the day of the service.

By sending a copy of the payment via fax or email.

The driver is not authorized to accept the amount of the service directly from the client.



Tips are at the customer’s discretion.

The invoice will be issued at the time of the booking/purchase by sending an email complete with the heading: complete name, business name, address of the invoice and VAT number at the address: amministrazione@mgacarservice.it.

  •      Tour guide
  •      Welcoming service at the airport

These services are available on request. The cost is agreed at the time of booking.

Users of the hire service are not allowed to:

  •      smoke during transportation;
  •      throw objects from the car, whether stationary or moving;
  •      dirty, contaminate or damage the vehicle;
  •      demand that the transportation be carried out in violation of the rules of safety and behaviour required by current road laws.

The damage caused by the lack of respect of the rules of behaviour during the service are at the customer’s expense.

Each passenger can transport up to one suitcase, every excess of luggage (for example skies and equipment) must be declared at the time of booking/purchase by selecting the specific options and/or specifying in the notes, so that the vehicle that is made available will be suitable for the purpose.

Loading the vehicle with undeclared bulky item or excess luggage or that are not in a condition to be transported safely is at the driver’s discretion.

According to the type of vehicle, minibus or bus, the number of people transported is limited by the certificate issued by the relevant authorities and by current transport regulations. The number of luggage is limited to their size and by the vehicle’s certificate.

In order to allow the transportation of all the passengers/luggage, whenever the persons and luggage in excess cannot be transported by the hired vehicle, it will be necessary to hire another suitable vehicle or means of transport.

The client can cancel the booking by writing to booking@mgacarservice.it. MGA Car Service reserves the right to amend the cancellation policy in the basis of size and nature of the booked service.

Conditions of cancellation

up to 72 hours before the service: €15.00 management fee

– from 72 to 48 hours before the service: 30% of the total price of the service requested

– from 48 to 24 before the service: 50% of the total price of the service requested

– 24 before the service: 100% of the total price of the service requested

MGA Car Service reserves the right to interrupt service if the client’s behaviours places the safety of the driver and the vehicle in risk.  If the driver notices the client committing a crime (for example, taking drugs) he/she has the immediate charge to interrupt the service.

In the case of cancellation or delay of greater than 30 minutes of the departure, the client has the obligation to notify our booking number to guarantee the presence of one of our staff on arrival.

In the case the client does not appear at the appointment with the driver, and without having heard from the client, once an hour has passed from the landing of the aircraft or the appointment the driver will leave the place and the service will be charged in full.

Any request for changes in bookings already confirmed (such as changes of time, change of vehicle, path, duration) must be sent to the Bookings Centre via telephone at the number +39 02 61359630., or via email to booking@mgacarservice.it, this will verify the possibility of making the modifications requested.

Services abroad

The general conditions of services abroad differ from country to country. Request information at the time of booking.

MGA Car Service undertakes in every reasonable way to get its vehicles, and/or the vehicles of external collaborators, to the departure and arrival at destination appointments in time, in any case, it will not be held responsible for any delays caused by force majeure (for example, atmospheric, socio-political events).

On the other hand, the passengers’ luggage is transported entirely at the responsibility of the passenger who declares ownership at the time of embarkation.

Check your luggage on departure, responsibility for loss or damage will not be accepted, all the objects transported travel under your responsibility.

The company is not responsible for any damage, loss and/or theft of luggage.

The client is obliged to advise us in writing at email address: booking@mgacarservice.it, in the shortest time possible of any problems caused by disservice, or shortcomings directly attributable to our work.

We will take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience or loss to the client’s full satisfaction.

These conditions of transport and all the services connected to it respect the laws that regulate services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his or her luggage.

Limitation of liability clause

MGA Car Service cannot be held responsible in any way for delays in transport due to circumstances beyond its control such as by way of non-exhaustive examples: roads blocked to traffic, flooded roads, road blocks, interventions of the traffic police, customs or fire fighters.

MGA Car Service cannot in any way be held responsible for delays caused by force majeure as by way of non-exhaustive examples: strikes, weather conditions, terrorist attacks, riots.

The client is obliged to advise us in writing at email address: info@mgacarsrvice.it, in the shortest time possible of any problems caused by disservice and/or deficiencies directly imputable to our operations. We will take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience or loss to the client’s full satisfaction.

The Italian Law Court of Milan is competent for any controversy between the parties.